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Uniquely positioned to lead the online acquisition space based on brand trust, team experience and decades worth of relationships with the most established networks. Savage Dreams is the recognized leader within online performance advertising. Our vision is to create the premier Performance Marketing ecosystem through our portfolio of companies with the ultimate goal to lead the shift of all online advertising to a Performance-Based model.
Performance Marketing


Savage Dreams works with networks who have a total access to over 150,000 active publishers worldwide, with a dedicated team of network development specialists who actively recruit affiliates for you. All publishers must meet pre-approved requirements before being allowed in our network and are regularly monitored for compliance. Then our network specialists work with them—training and coaching—to help them better meet your needs.


We are rapidly evolving from just affiliate network work model and integrating several niche verticals in the global marketing agency world. We are now able to provide a wide range of clients with a comprehensive kit of cost-effective advertising services. Specifically in the CBD, Cannabis, Cannabidiol & Health and Beauty Space!


Deliver experiences that your consumers love. According to findings from our 2017 Consumer Sentiments Survey of 2500 global consumers

80% of global consumers seek out coupon codes before making a purchase.

57% of U.S. consumers actively follow an online blogger or social influencer.

71% of them frequently buy items a blogger or influencer recommends

This just one strategy our team follows and contently modify with modern daily changes in the industry.

Lets discuss how our tools can turn your product into a BRAND!

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