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From concept to consumer Savage Dreams has the strongest relationships with industry leaders in on demand production & Fulfillment. We vertically integrate you with account admins who ware trained to support our global partners with R&D, branding, product development, custom packaging, contract manufacturing, distribution, fulfillment and more.  All of Savage Dreams partners manufacture according to GMP and FDA guidelines.

Private Label Solutions

Manufacturing and Private Label

Our clients are in essence our very own partners. Whatever your product targets, in terms of formulation, labeling, distribution, we are able to deploy our expertise and skill set to transform your needs into successful projects. Our clients include major cosmetics brands, CBD Brands, Diet, Skin beauty products, and high net worth individuals, seeking to create a strong personal impression in the world and in the industry.


We are committed to delivering the best quality of CBD and Health & Beauty products to the global market, by consistently investing in research & development for the ingredients we create and those we source from the market. Relying on the latest technological innovations, we help our clients beat the rising cost of raw materials for products, without compromising quality and brand reputation.All Natural CBD and Health & Beauty is among the best in the industry. We take pride in bringing our clients the highest standards of quality and revolutionary cosmetic formulas for unique brands. Our clients, located worldwide, can order customized manufacturing for their own product line, according to standard or tailored formulas.

Private Labeling

You no longer have to sell products that you don’t believe 100%. We can create beauty products that conform to your philosophy of quality and packaging, while earning more profits, rather than margins from selling products of other makers. To make this possible, we need only one thing; your name, desire and commitment to choosing Savage Dreams as your Private label & Branding partner.

In addition, we have the best team of graphic designers to come up with the ideal label for your cosmetics brand, print it and even add them to each individual package.Savage Dreams has extensive experience in the CBD and health & Beauty industry; our private labeling services are among the best on the market. Less work for you and at the same time more net profit.

Drop Shipping

There is someone out there who will be handling all the orders for your wonderful products. This person will handle all the logistics involved, where the products have to be shipped. This person will also be in charge of quality control. The best part, that person won’t ask for any investment from you. Is that even possible? Yes, it is, because we’re that person. Create a viable online presence with us as drop shippers at minimal cost. You only have to pay us as you sell your products, and you can do that one product at a time.

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